Vibe.d web framework

Vibe.d is a very powerful web framework which this tour for example has been written with. Here are some highlights of vibe.d:

  • Based on a fiber based approach for asynchronous I/O vibe.d allows to write high-performance HTTP(S) web servers and web services. Write code which looks synchronous but actually does the ugly asynchronous handling of thousands of connections in the background for you! See the next section for a thorough example.
  • An easy to use JSON and web interface generator
  • Out-of-the-box support for Redis and MongoDB make it easy to write backend systems that have a good performance
  • Generic TCP or UDP clients and servers can be written as well using this framework

Note that the examples in this chapter can't be run online because they would require network support which is disabled for obvious security reasons.

The easiest way to create a vibe.d project is to install dub and create a new project with vibe.d specified as template:

dub init <project-name> -t vibe.d
cd <project-name>

dub will make sure that vibe.d is downloaded and available for building your vibe.d based project.

The book D Web development gives a thorough introduction into this great framework.

rdmd playground.d